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Bell Schedule

Period/Lunch Shift Regular Activity
First Bell 7:20 7:20
1st Period 7:23 - 8:15 7:23 - 8:10
2nd Period 8:18 - 9:05 8:13 - 8:55
3rd Period 9:08 - 9:55 8:58 - 9:40
4th Period 9:58 - 10:45 9:43 - 10:25
1st Lunch Shift 10:45 - 11:09 10:25 - 10:49
5th Period for 2nd & 3rd Lunch Shift 10:49 - 11:36 10:29 - 11:11
5th Period for 1st Lunch Shift 11:13 - 12:00 10:53 - 11:35
2nd Lunch Shift 11:36 - 12:00 11:11 - 11:35
6th Period for 3rd Lunch Shift 11:39 - 12:26 11:14 - 11:56
6th Period for 1st & 2nd Lunch Shift 12:03 - 12:50 11:38 - 12:20
3rd Lunch Shift 12:26 - 12:50 11:56 - 12:20
7th Period 12:53 - 1:40 12:23 - 1:05
8th Period 1:43 - 2:30 1:08 - 1:50
Activity Period   1:53 - 2:30
Students dismissed at 2:30    


Arrival Time

The school doors open at 6:55 AM. Students should not arrive on campus before that time as they will be unsupervised. Duty teachers report to duty at 6:55.  Students will have a "Grab and Go" eat breakfast  at each entrance.  All students are to report directly to their homerooms upon arrival.   All students should be at school by the 7:10 AM start time.

Departure Time

All students are to leave the building at 2:20 PM unless participating in a supervised extra-curricular activity. Students who ride a bus are to report immediately to their assigned bus.  Busses will depart at 2:23 PM.

All students being picked up by personal vehicles should be picked up no later than 2:25 PM unless they are involved in an extra-curricular activity that day. Walkers should promptly leave campus following the designated walkways and obey all directions from any school crossing guards. Walkers should not return to campus after going home.


Tardy Policy

Students who are not in class at 7:13  AM are considered tardy. They should report to the office and be given an admit slip to class. If the tardy is due to bus problems or a doctor's appointment, the student will be given an excused tardy. The student will be held responsible for excessive tardiness.

A tardy is also assigned to any student who is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings to start each class. Instructional time is too important for teachers and students and must be protected with a no-nonsense approach to tardiness. We count tardies in each class and start over at the end of each nine-weeks with our count. Parents will be notified with a note in the mail signed by their child for each tardy. Please discuss any problem areas with your child before they reach their fourth tardy in any class. Our policy is as follows for tardies requiring disciplinary actions:

4th tardy assigned one day of lunch detention
5th tardy assigned 1 day of after-school detention
6th tardy assigned 2 days of after-school detention
7th tardy GASP or further action taken by office


Reminder: 5th tardy or more will also require parental involvement with the Bossier Parish Truancy Center according to Act 745 of the 2008 Regular Session of the Louisiana legislature.

Students who are tardy to detention will be given an additional day of detention. Being prompt is a positive attribute and will be encouraged at all times. We will make every effort to teach students strategies to manage time and seek assistance from teachers in an effort to avoid being late to class.