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Social Studies

8th Grade Louisiana Studies

Our eighth students focus their historical study on the great state of Louisiana. Students learn about the festivals around our state that make each region unique. They learn of the interesting men and women who have made up the government of Louisiana.  From the Louisiana Purchase to our role in the Civil War and beyond, Louisiana has a varied and interesting history.

7th Grade American History

Early American History (Beginning to 1877)-  This course covers the very first Americans who crossed the Bering Land Bridge over 20,000 years ago through the Civil War and Reconstruction (1877).  Highlights include Colonial America, American Revolution, and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.  We also cover early Presidents such as Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, etc.  The expansion of the nation is covered from the Louisiana Purchase to the war with Mexico.  America's early interaction with Europe is covered, including the War of 1812.  Internal struggles such as the slavery issue and state's rights are also covered in detail.  Culminating with the epic Civil War and the resulting Reconstruction.

6th Grade World History