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Algebra I

Two groups of 8th grade math students are taking high school Algebra I.  Students who participated in Advanced Math take a placement test at the end of that year to qualify for Algebra I.  Students passing the course work and the EOC (End of Course) test receive high school credit for this class.

Honors Math

Students who qualify for honors math classes are presented with a rigorous course of study.  They learn all of their grade level expectations as well as a portion of the ones from the next year.

Advanced Math

Cope has two Advanced Math classes this year in the 7th grade.  At the end of 6th grade all honors math students take a diagnostic test.  Those who score at the highest levels are admitted into 7th grade Advanced Math.  This course covers all of the 8th grade GLEs (Grade Level Expectations) as well as the 7th grade GLEs. After successful completion of this course, students are tested for admittance into Algebra I.

Math discovery class

Math Discovery

All students at Cope Middle attend an additional math class each school day.  Math Discovery is a class in which mathematical concepts are presented using various methods.  Students are guided along the path of self discovery using higher order thinking skills, hands on activities, and project based learning.