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Pep Squad

Pep Squad - Cougar Hype Locker
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Cougar Hype Pep Squad 2020-2021


About Pep Squad:

Pep Squad is a cheer squad that supports our Cope football and girls/boys basketball teams from the stands. They follow the lead of our Cope cheerleaders and help cheer and make noise from the stands. 

1 year of Pep Squad is required for students to be eligible to try-out for danceline at the end of 6th grade and/or cheerleading at the end of 7th grade.

The cost of Pep Squad is $200. This includes the skirt, shell, poms, pom bag, and hair bow. (Picture of the uniform can be seen in the attachment to the left '20 Cope Pep PDF' (hair bow not shown).

$40 mandatory carwash fundraiser will take place in August to cover the cost of the fleece jacket, pep squad lanyard, and pom bag tag. You can sell $40 worth of carwash tickets or just pay the $40 fundraiser fee.

Items that are parent responsibility: solid white athletic shoes (not keds), white no-show socks or low rise socks, spandex or cotton bloomers for under cheer skirt (black or navy), bra - sports bra - or tank with straps that aren't visible under the shell top, & pep-squad t-shirt - available for purchase - click link above to order - short sleeve required/long sleeve optional.

Optional Items: solid navy leggings - can be worn under skirt during cooler months & long sleeve pep squad shirt $20 (available for sale - click on t-shirt order link above).

Football and basketball schedules are still TBA

Pep squad will NOT have any after-school practices.

Pep squad members are required to attend all home football games. (typically 2-4 home games a season on Tuesday nights from approximately 5-8 pm)

Pep squad members are required to attend 3 out of the 5 home girls' basketball games - you choose which 3 to attend. (Basketball games are typically M & Th from approximately 4-6pm)

Pep squad members are required to attend 3 out of the 5 home boys' basketball games - you choose which 3 to attend. 

You are welcome to attend more than the minimum # of home basketball games. We do not attend any "away" football or basketball games.

On ALL game days (football/basketball home & away), Pep Squad members will wear their full Pep Squad uniform to school (shell, skirt, bloomers, white socks/shoes, hair bow). Pom bag and poms only need to be brought to games and pep rallies.

Pep Squad members will wear their uniform the first day of school if they participated in the first uniform fitting.

Please review the attachment on this page 'Spirit Group Constitution 20-21' that goes into more detail about rules/requirements/expectations.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Clinton.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to meeting your child!

Contact Information

Gina Clinton

Counselor, 4-H Sponsor, Pep Squad, Cheer

(318) 549-5389
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