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Contact Kelly Birdsong  Kelly Birdsong (318) 549-5392 6th Grade Science, Robotics/STEM 1, Starbase
Contact Johnathon Martin  Johnathon Martin (318) 549-5426 Algebra 2, Quest for Success, STEM 2, 3, Robotics, CyberPatriot, & Keyboard



CyberSTEM is..... building Lego Mindstorm robots, programming, teamwork, competitions, learning the latest news about robotics and technology, learning about engineering fields, incorporating mathematics into science and technology applications, and researching technology opportunities.

During the CyberSTEM courses offered at Cope Middle School, the students will participate in RARC competitions which are sponsored by the Cyber Innovation Center. Students will also participate in STEM education units which focuses on various engineering fields and provides opportunities for students to complete hands on activities.  

RARC Competition