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Cope Students

8th Grade Earth Science

8th grade students delve deep into the study of our Earth and Earth Systems during this exciting year of science.  We begin the year building on knowledge of atomic structure and move into mineral and rock formation.  From there students learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and landforms.  The study of Earth science also includes weather patterns, the water cycle, pollution, and our year will culminate with the study of space and space exploration.

6th Grade Physical Science

In Physical Science students begin to study matter with the smallest parts of matter, the atom.  Building from this basic idea, students learn about mixtures, solutions, and reactions that chemicals go through.  Students conduct experiments to learn more about such things as the states of matter, Newton's Laws of Physics, and types of energy.  At the end of the year, students are more familiar with concepts that abound in our physical world.

7th Grade Life Science

During 7th grade students begin their study of Life Science with the most basic part of all living things, the cell.  From this small beginning students learn about the growth of plants and animals.